Aviation and Port Security

As gateways of international trade and transportation, nations survive and compete in the globalized economy via their airports. In post-conflict environments, these entities are high-impact targets for attack, putting the security of personnel and resources at greater risk.

Pentagon Group aviation security, protective services, technical systems and workforce management and training solutions protect international airports and support the safe movement of personnel, foreign trade and economic development.

We help clients balance the implementation of adequate safety and security requirements with the needs of the travelling public, transport providers, on-site workforces and the costs of implementing the required infrastructure.

The Group provide protective and aviation security services for international or regional airport and ports.

Pentagon Group offer turnkey, sustainable services, including consultancy, engineering, implementation, commissioning and training.

Pentagon Group is responsible for providing ground security at all access control points into the airport or harbors and along the passenger flow routes to the terminal, and aviation security services in line with international standards and regulations.

The Group employs a large local national workforce that is responsible for aviation security within the terminal and ramp and also harbors.

To enhance airport capacity, security and performance, Pentagon Group implemented their airport methodology and practices across airport-wide operations to include capacity building, training and development of the local national workforce.

Pentagon Group provides the following services:

-Comprehensive access control at all airport terminals, entry and exit points, and airside and main ramp areas

-Aviation screening of passengers and baggage in line with international standards

-Explosives detection canines for ground and aviation security

-Pre- and main-terminal hold and cabin baggage and personnel screening

-VVIP mobile escorts and terminal control and screening

-Quick Reaction Force for incident response