High Risk Environment Operations

highriskWith strong operational experience, robust program management skills, rapid response capabilities, and a global network of local partners and expertise, Pentagon Groups aids humanitarian objectives.

Pentagon Group offers a broad spectrum of services to enable a safer environment and promote positive sustainable change.

In times of crisis or disaster, Pentagon Group provides organizations and the communities in which we live and work with a full range of response and planning services.

Our disaster relief service-offering includes warning and evacuation assistance, recovery services, security, provision of supplies, temporary shelter, damage assessment and restoration of infrastructure. In the event that a disaster occurs, Pentagon Group can deploy experienced personnel for on-site operational support complete with an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and plan that clarifies roles, determines required resources needed and documents any contingencies.

With more than 50 years of experience providing fire protection and Emergency Management Services (EMS) programs, Pentagon Group delivers comprehensive fire protection and medical services to support operations at all response levels domestically and abroad.

Complemented by stringent quality and safety control programs, our cost-effective, innovative solutions include: fire protection engineering, fire prevention, emergency medical response services at the basic and advanced life support and paramedic transport levels, technical rescue and training, structural firefighting, safety and equipment inspections, testing, hazardous materials technician response, training, and certifications .

Our trained and certified professionals support some of the most complex hazardous materials situations, including hypergolic fuels and oxidizers. All of our programs are administered through the utilization of established, robust fire service Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs), a Performance-Based Fire Service Training and Certification Program, a Health and Safety Program, and a Quality Assurance Program.

Collectively, these elements ensure that Pentagon Group meets the mission-specific requirements of our customers.

Professionally managed and code compliant services we provide, include the following trainings or services: Fire Protection Engineering, Fire Prevention, Emergency Medical Response Services at the Basic and Advanced Life Support and Paramedic Transport Levels, Technical Rescue and Training, Structural Fire Fighting, Safety and Equipment Inspections, Testing, Hazardous Materials Technician Response, Training, and Certifications