Risk Analysis

RiskAnalysisAt Pentagon Group we provide a full range of Security Consultancy Services, Risk Analysis, Threat management and Solutions to support your Business or Social Activities.

We would be delighted to discuss your requirements or any broader support that we can provide to yourself or your company and its operations in these hostile or difficult Times.

The greatest contribution to your business or personal security can be made by recognized and understanding there is a “Threat”.

By developing a sense of security awareness and encouraging the use of practical and Proven Security Measures within your business, your family and with colleagues and employees.

There is no need to over react to security problems. However, the Aim should be to keep at least one step ahead of the opposition.

Most criminals and terrorists have a strong instinct for self survival and this factor is paramount in their reconnaissance and target surveillance efforts of businesses and individuals.

Therefore with proper management, and by applying time and effort into your security planning, you can positively Deter the criminal and terrorist and deflect their interest towards other areas.

Avoidance of self targeting and unnecessary exposure to potential risks are two of the fundamental security concepts.

Organizations face numerous risks when operating in diverse, complex environments often subject to threats and hazards such as elevated crime, weak rule of law, terrorism, pandemics and natural disasters.

Using the right tools, we assist clients in quantifying risk; developing policies, processes, and procedures to evaluate and manage risk in addition to strengthening their organizational frameworks, management tools, training programs and operating procedures.

Pentagon Group has supported many boards and management teams in reviewing their existing risk management and governance systems and building upon these findings to design and implement programs to manage risk and to provide assurance to key stakeholders.

We aid our clients with developing policy and security standards, the design of the security organization, definition of security processes and the technical and physical measures required to support global and local programs.

Our embedded advisory and management services provide ongoing support to ensure these changes are implemented effectively and deliver the full capabilities of Pentagon Group through an embedded expert within the client organization.






We help our clients understand, reduce and manage the full spectrum of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) risks and effectively prepare for managing emergency situations.

Furthermore, our crisis management and training capabilities help our clients plan for contingencies and develop the skills, knowledge and behaviors required for sustaining safety performance.